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Vital statistics
Name Pearce/Heath
Gender Male
Age 17
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Other statistics
Gift melts faces off
Family The One (Father),Izabel(Mother),Wizard King(Grandfather)
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Occupation Wizard
Appearances Witch and Wizard: The Fire,

Witch and Wizard: The Lost, Witch and Wizard: The Kiss

Pearce is the son and protege of The One Who Is The One. He is evil and menacing, and is the same age as Wisty Allgood. His first appearance is in Witch & Wizard: The Fire, while his last appearance is in The Lost, after he pretends to be a football player named Heath and steals Wisty's heart away.

Biography Edit

Pearce appearance in the 3rd book "The Fire" as The One gives him the position as captain and the mission to capture Wisteria Allgood he is seen to have the ability to melt peoples faces off. He is later seen looking at images of Wisty on a screen as he seems to have an interest in her. Which The One instantly notices and comments on where Pearce blushes and gets aggravated saying he just was trying to see what made her so special. Pearce then starts asking why they can't just capture her and then they would have the power. The One gets irrtated and hits him in the face saying how "I" will have the power not "We" will have the power. Pearce later is mentioned by Pearl Marie to Wisty and Whit about his ability to melt peoples faces off and how he killed her brother in this fashion. In the hospital that was housing patients with the Blood Plague and he comes in saying they needed more test subjects and he later notices Wisty in disguise asking her if they have met before. He later sees them after they saved two girls about to be burned to death and he has Wisty and Whit seized. When he was talking and a N.O soldier speaks he gets angry and kills him in front of them by melting his face off. After seeing this Whit starts taunting him saying how he is "cowardly". He then has Whit fight a big and muscular N.O solider where Whit wins and Pearce attempts to kill Whit but is unsuccessful when he is knocked unconscious and they are saved by Ms. H.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometime until the near end of The Kiss, he went under the name Heath.
    • His countenance as Heath was different from his as Pearce.
    • As Heath, he had a "dark mop of wild hair", "mesmerizing turquoise eyes", and "kissable lips".
  • By the fifth book, we learn that Pearce has the powers to transform into another person.
  • He was born and raised in the Mountain Territory.

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